by Dave Palmer

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“Lyrically and musically this is a good and uplifting album”
Cross Rhythms

“Passionately and strikingly delivered and you can shout a 'yes!'”
Methodist Recorder

ENTHRONED is the eagerly anticipated worship album from Dave Palmer, bringing together a collection of songs that have been used widely in churches across the UK and beyond.

With rich lyrical content and strong anthemic melodies, these songs are valuable tools for churches to add to their repertoire of praise and worship.

Dave is joined by guest vocalists Lisa Bayliss and Matt Richley to create an album of outstanding diversity with a fresh and contemporary sound that you will enjoy listening to again and again.

Dave writes "I hope you enjoy listening. But more than this, my overriding desire in recording this album is that these songs would be sung, that they would be useful tools in our worship times, and that they would cause our focus and attention to be turned to Jesus again and again. He is the centre of our worship, the One at the centre of the throne."


released July 27, 2017

Vocals and Acoustic Guitars: Dave Palmer
Guest Vocals: Lisa Bayliss and Matt Richley
Backing Vocals: Lisa Bayliss and Charlie Marsden
Drums: Simon Blake
Bass: Matt Weeks
Piano/Keys/Synths: Josh Moon
Electric Guitars: Tim Bannister
Cello/Strings: George Shilling
Choir: Simon Blake, Inês Castillo, Sarah Cooper, Josiah Cooper, Si Gleich, Adam Kibble, Charis Kibble, Matthew Ling, Ruth Ling, Connie Ling, Seth Ling, Jierong Luo, Charlie Marsden, Caleb McKinnon, Svanhild Skagen

Produced by Josh Moon
Co-Producer: Simon Blake
Recorded by Josh Moon at Acapela Studio and Studio Toy, Cardiff
Mixed by Dan Humphries at Studio Toy
Mastered by George Shilling at Bank Cottage Studio
Artwork and Design: Charlotte Blake
All songs written and arranged by Dave Palmer.

Thank you's...
This project has been an ambition for many years. I am grateful to all the people that kept telling me to record it, and for those that have made it possible to happen this year.

Sarah and Lydia - thank you for your encouragement and support in all the hours spent on this project, and the time away from home.
Simon and Lottie - thank you for your huge generosity in the time and effort you have invested into this project and for all your hospitality. I couldn’t have done it without you.
Josh - thank you for bringing a fresh sound to these songs and for going above and beyond what I could have asked. I am grateful for all the extra hours you put in to make this project sound so good.

Thank you to all the musicians and singers that have been a part of this project, and to Dan and Marie at Studio Toy. I'm so grateful for what you each brought to this project and I feel honoured and privileged to have worked with such talented and hardworking individuals.

Thank you so much to the choir who gave up their time and travelled many miles to be a part of this recording.

There are so many people that I should thank who have had a part to play in the songs that I write today. I am grateful to all those who have encouraged me along the way in my music and songwriting, and those whose revelation and insight into the word of God is reflected in the lyrics that I write.

Mum and Dad, Tim and Rebecca, so many people in Croxley Green, Watford and Huddersfield. I am grateful to the family of City Church Coventry and also to many in the wider network of ministries without borders. In particular, thank you to Matthew and Ruth Ling for your encouragement, friendship, teaching and revelation that has inspired so many of these songs.


all rights reserved



Dave Palmer Coventry, UK

Dave is a songwriter based in Coventry, UK. His writing style has a strong emphasis on corporate worship songs that carry a prophetic edge.

A gifted musician and singer, who has served faithfully in his own church's worship team for years, Dave's heart is always to write songs that maintain a deep rooted focus on Jesus.

Dave's songs have been used widely in churches across the UK and beyond.
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Track Name: You Are Wonderful
You Are Wonderful To Me
(Exodus 15)

You are wonderful to me Oh Lord my God
I will enter through Your gates to bring You praise
Though I don't deserve to stand before Your throne
Your lavish mercy clothes me in Your righteousness

You are my strength
You are my song
You have become my salvation
You are my God, I will praise You

Praise You for Your faithfulness and love Oh Lord
The unchanging solid rock on which we stand
To the King who reigns on high now and forever
Let our shouts of joy and victory resound

© 2001 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 6517434
Track Name: Be Glorified
Be Glorified
(Psalm 57)

Creation declares
The heavens proclaim
Everlasting King worthy is Your name
Your name strong and mighty
Great are Your ways, the nations give praise
A new song is heard and all the earth is changed
As You show Your glory

Be glorified
Be glorified in me
That all the world might see
That You are God
Be glorified
Reign in Your majesty
Lord let Your glory be over all the earth

The cross where You died
You paid the price
Yet You rose again that all men may have life
Life everlasting
Awake O my soul to tell all He’s done
As I lift my voice I’ll awake the dawn
The peoples will praise Him

Jesus my King I’m bowing the knee
Let Your kingdom come
Here I am use me
Wherever You take me
There’s no higher call, no greater thing
Than to worship You
You’re my everything
I live for Your glory

© 2009 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 6018665
Track Name: The Empty Tomb
The Empty Tomb
(1 Corinthians 15; Romans 6)

Where O death is your victory
Where O death is your sting
The curse of sin is broken
The captives are set free
Jesus Christ won the victory
Jesus Christ conquered sin
All who trust in Him
Have been ransomed and redeemed

See the empty tomb, now the stone lies rolled away
Death is overcome and the power of the grave
Life forevermore for all who call upon His name
Death is swallowed up in victory

Though once counted as enemies
Though we once were far off
We have received in Jesus
The righteousness of God
Now united with Him in death
Now as co-heirs with Christ
All who take up the cross
Will have everlasting life

© 2004 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 5155794
Track Name: You Are Worthy (feat. Matt Richley)
You Are Worthy
(Revelation 5)

All our sin laid upon Jesus
We had no hope until He came
And by His precious blood He purchased all
Who will call on His name
What great love to be called children
Such lavish grace all may be saved
There on the cross Your work was finished
You have opened the way

You defeated sin’s power
You have conquered forever
Behold the Lion Of Judah overcame

You are worthy, You are worthy
You are worthy God Almighty
You are worthy, You are worthy
You are worthy God Almighty

Majesty reigning in splendour
All heaven bows before Your throne
And with one voice they never cease to sing
To exalt You alone
Yes You are awesome in glory
Nations resound with songs of praise
All of the earth cries Hallelujah
To the Lamb who was slain

You have sat down forever
In the place of all honour
Behold the Lion Of Judah: He reigns

© 2010 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 7088293
Track Name: My Heart Will Sing (feat. Lisa Bayliss)
My Heart Will Sing
(Psalm 103)

My heart will sing the praises of Him
Who gave up the riches of glory
When from His throne He came to his own
And showed us His love and great mercy

Your name is glorious
Your name is wonderful
Your name is holy and magnificent
Mighty and powerful

O my soul sing of the One who has saved me
All of my days I will live to bring glory
Unto Your name, unto Your name

Praises to Him who triumphed over sin
In victory death is defeated
Captives set free and sicknesses flee
Jesus reigns, over all he is seated

O my soul tell of the King and His greatness
For He is good and forever His name is
Worthy of glory and honour and praises
Worthy of praise

© 2009 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 7088291
Track Name: Our One Desire
Our One Desire
(Psalm 27)

We have come for a glimpse of Your glory
We have come just to gaze at Your face
As we stand here amazed
We cannot stay the same when we see You

We are changed while beholding Your beauty
We’re transformed as we look on Your face
As we stand here in awe
We are longing for more: can we see You?

Our one desire is to be with You, be with You
Our one desire is to dwell in Your courts
We’ve tasted and we’ve seen that You are good, You are good
Jesus our one desire is You

How relentless Your goodness unending
How outrageously faithful Your ways
We have seen but the start
Of how awesome You are: draw us closer

Lavish grace that has broken all boundaries
Steadfast love way beyond wildest dreams
You are better by far
There is none to compare: You are Holy

Now our hearts are crying out
Now our hearts are crying out
Show us your glory

© 2017 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 7088292
Track Name: Show Your Wonders
Show Your Wonders
(Habakkuk 3)

Through deserts see He rides
Bringer of hope and life
He always makes a way
His voice is powerful
His word restores and heals
The Name above all names

We have heard of Your wonders
And the greatness of Your fame
Lord hear our cry

Show Your wonders again
In our time in our day
Let Your glory be seen
And Your power displayed
We have seen but a glimpse
Of Your wondrous ways
As You make all things new
Let the whole earth be changed

Mountains He brings down low
Valleys He turns to roads
And parts the ocean waves
He halts the moon and sun
Darkness is overcome
He marches out to save

Behold our God who reigns
Awesome in all His ways
How great His majesty
His splendour fills the skies
From earth His praises rise
Let all creation sing

© 2012 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 7088294
Track Name: How Overwhelminghly High (feat. Lisa Bayliss)
How Overwhelmingly High
(Psalm 36; Psalm 108)

All our sin exchanged for Your righteousness
Life so full where once there was emptiness
Grace so free and mercy so generous
Who are we that You should do this for us?

How overwhelmingly high
How inconceivably wide
Oh how unfathomable is Your love
Words fail to fully describe
Your faithfulness that reaches the skies
We unreservedly give You our lives

Love so high that reaches our deepest depths
Seeks and finds; shares in our brokenness
Patient, kind, lifts us with gentleness
Won’t let go; always pursuing us

You are hope even when all seems lost
You are strength when everyone else gives up
You’re the rock when storms rage and seas are rough
Found in You we are victorious

You never fail, You never change
Your steadfast love endures always
Standing in awe, we give You all
Jesus our lives will shout Your praise

© 2017 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 7088296
Track Name: See Him There
See Him There
(Revelation 5; Revelation 15; Revelation 19)

See Him there the Lamb who was slain
To purchase men for God
On the throne forever He reigns
Most high and lifted up

You are worthy, You are worthy,
You are worthy of all praise
You are worthy, You are worthy,
You are worthy of all praise

Sovereign God how great are Your deeds
How just and true Your ways
Who could fail to fear You O Lord
To bring glory to Your Name

You are Holy, You are Holy
All the earth will sing Your praise
You are Holy, You are Holy
All the earth will sing Your praise

Lift your voice rejoice and be glad
For the wedding soon to come
See the bride so glorious now
Is made ready for the Lamb

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
For the Lord Almighty reigns
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
For the Lord Almighty reigns

© 2004 Dave Palmer
CCLI Song No. 4947848

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